Promotion Committee

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Promoting the district, creating and implementing image campaigns, retail promotions, and special events to attract residents and visitors to our village district.

Committee Members:

Kelly Chapman - Co-Chair

Bob Manley - Co-Chair

John Basiliere

Patricia Basiliere

Vickie Carty

Carol Gerken

Phyllis Hamblet

Lynn Leighton

Sandy Sabutis

Mary Truell

Sub-Committee - Meredith 250th Anniversary

Planning for and promoting year-long activities, events, and campaigns for

Meredith’s 250th Anniversary celebration in 2018

Committee Members:

Steve Durand - Co-Chair

Jeanie Forrester - Co-Chair

Kelly Bennett

Monica Bennett

Ann Butler

Jack Carty

Vickie Carty

Joe Dever

Judy Dever

Carol Gerken

Jim Hughes

Jonathan James

George Jewell

Chris Kelly

Bob Kennelly

Lynn Krautz

Ginny Lovett

Lorraine Miller

Steve Nedeau

Chuck Norwood

Bill Nunamacher

Janis Roberts

Ann Sprague

Carrie Sweetman

Jacki Taylor

Karen Thorndike

Nate Torr

Marie Valliere

Sub-Committee - Do The Loop/Beyond the Map

Planning for and Promoting the "Do The Loop" and "Beyond the Map" activities

Committee Members:

Bob Manley - Chair

Kathy Bagley

Vickie Carty

Carol Gerken

Phyllis Hamblet

Sandy Sabutis

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Or mail checks payable to:

"Greater Meredith Program"

P.O. Box 1417

Meredith, NH 03253

GMP accomplishments are made possible by volunteers just like you!

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